Big Flies

When pursuits demand a better fly, a tougher fly, our big flies are some of the finest available. Few flies swim llike ours, this is due to thousands of days on the water and feedback from anglers around the world. They are tied to order and are easily customizable to your exact specs, just drop a note, give us a call, or send an email to

-Ultra premium, world class hooks in every fly primarily from Ahrex, Mustad, and Gamakatsu, along with a couple other manufacturers. All flies tied with lead-free weight.

-We have tied all our jointed flies with a single front hook for 9 seasons now after feedback on the destructive and unnessary nature of two hooked streamers, and have never looked back. Not even once. They are designed to be attacked, inhaled, and hook more big fish than anything else. And they do. Do yourself and your fisheries a favor by using a single hook in your articulated flies.

Our dealers keep these flies on hand specific to their fisheries and the needs of their customers making that a great place to start if you are looking for a quick stock up.