Rock Lobstah 2 Pack

$ 12.49

Big fish like crawdads, simple. For instances when the classics just aren't enough to satisfy the angler or the fish, the Rock Lobstah brings together both key aesthetic characteristics and also lifelike dance moves. One claw is wrapped with foam to add buoyancy showing the display of a dominant claw in a defensive position. If that isn't enough, the clean beady black eyes will surely get anyone on the fence about crawfish soufflé this evening.

We offer two sizes right off the bat; #3/0 with 1/4" dumbbells and conenose, and #1/0 with 3/16" dumbbells and 5/32' conenose. These are tied on state of the art 60 degree jig hooks from Mustad, Ahrex, and Gamakatsu.

The intricate nature of the dual claw design makes it tough to go much smaller than the #1/0 size, however it can be done on a situational level via the custom department. For your personal favorite crawfish color/weight scheme, give us a shout anytime.