Rock Lobstah

$ 12.49
Type: Big Fly

Big fish like crawdads, simple. For situations when the classics just aren't enough to satisfy the angler or the fish, the Rock Lobstah brings together both key aesthetic characteristics and also lifelike dance moves. One claw is wrapped with foam to add buoyancy showing the display of a dominant claw in a defensive position. If that isn't enough, the clean beady eyes will surely entice anyone on the fence about crawfish soufflé this evening.

-Tied on Mustad, Gamakatsu, and Mustad Ultra Premium 60 Degree Jig Hooks

-3/16" Dirty Dumbbells with 5/32" Dwfc Nose Cone on the #1/0

-1/4" Dirty Dumbbells and Nose Cone on the #3/0

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