South of the Border Bassin'

Fish with Anglers Inn for the best in hospitality, fishing, and easy travel. Join us or let us help you book anytime! We are the fly specific booking agent for the legendary Anglers Inn lodges.

Fly tying day is every day here at Dirty Water HQ. The tying bench is open to everyone from beginner to expert. Weekly fly tying classes take place on Saturdays taught by Lee Blanton and Danny Soltau. Lessons available on a daily basis.

Fly Tying Classes + Lessons

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We are proud to partner with the finest brands available, and many of them we have worked with and sold for decades. These companies stand behind their products to the end. Most of what we offer in made in the US of A, and what is not made here is high performance at incredible prices.

Not the most, just the best.

Since '12, the finest flies and service in the game.

No matter what fly fishing means to you, here at Dirty Water Fly Co we strive to bring the best to you. Founded in Bozeman, Montana, we opened our flagship store and tying facility in Plano, Texas in '22 just north of Dallas. We offer the finest brands in the industry and products we use on a daily basis with emphasis on quality and American manufacturing. Whether its new to you, or you have done it all, everyone is welcome and invited to join the fly fishing family.