Photo credit - James Anderson

Our namesake, like our products, has more to it than meets the eye. In mountainous regions such as southwest Montana where Dirty Water was born, snow accumulating during the winter months is what sustains life downriver for the rest of the season.  Snow melts and flushes nutrients indicative of each drainage and replenishing the entire watershed of its necessaties. As the water recedes, broad shouldered trout attract anglers from around the globe. Being on the river to see it rise and fall is a special experience, and one that we are fortunate to have fished ourselves. Rivers are at their healthiest and cleanest form when they show the colors of the land they drain.

 Dirty Water Fly Co was founded in 2012 in Bozeman, Montana by Danny Soltau. What began as a commercial fly tying company working with the finest fly shops, guides, and anglers in existence has developed into a brick and mortar fly tying and fly tackle facility. Our headquarters are located in Plano, Texas within the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. We specialize in the finest gear, tying goods, and service available.

    Dan has been in the fly fishing industry since 2004, spending a total of 12 seasons at fly shops and outfitters in Montana and Washington. You will find no one who cares more about fly shops and the fisheries that give them that opportunity. Without the shops, what is known as fly fishing and tying today simply would not be. With a Dirty Water fly tied on, you are fishing a world class fly. Each component likely traveled thousands of miles to end up on our tying bench and into your fly.

    Support your local fly shop, fisheries, and fly companies!