Booking for Angler's Inn Lodge on Lake El Salto & Picachos

We are proud to work with Angler's Inn Internationational on hosting and booking largemouth bass fly fishing trips to the greatest bass lakes in existence. Across the board, Angler's Inn has been at the forefront of bass fishing in Mexico, and sets the bar in terms of overall experience. Top notch food and drink, easy travel, and world class hospitality are the norm at Anglers Inn. The fishing is just a bonus!

Eduardo hoists a well fed El Salto mama that ate a Decepticon in Neon Pearl

We are your one stop shop for a Mexican bass fishing adventure. If world class hopsitality, incredible venues, and seriously fun fishing sounds like something you might be interested in, don't hesitate. Travel is quite simple and quick, with fishing taking place the same day of departure from the United States. The value of these trips is also very attractive and difficult to match anywhere in fly fishing or conventional techniques. Both styles are welcome at all times!

Let us help set up a trip for you and your fishing buddies that will wont be forgotten. Please let us answer any questions you may have.

El Salto - Where dreams come true!


Vistas looking out from a bass loaded creek across Picachos

View from Anglers Inn El Salto

El Salto Topwater Detonator 

El Salto makes for a solid backdrop for gear maintenance 

Osprey evalauating how many feet to its next tilapia taco

All smiles when fishing with El Diablo at Picachos

Morning Special

Patio life at Anglers Inn Picachos

Ecuentra la sombra en el tarde - Find the shade in the afternoon

Mexican Insect Control 

 Beatiful accomadations are offered at both El Salto and Picachos

A truly perfect bass eats a Stripper's Delight



Stripper's Delite in Electric Chicken offers excellent visibility in the greenish waters of Lake Picachos


The topography around Lake Picachos is steep, and heavily forested. The lake isself is no different, offering incredible structure both overhead and underwater.

La Sombra. Local anglers know fishing is best in the shade.

Warm weather, cold beer, and bass fishing. Es bueno.

Surf and Turf


Omar and Raymundo are two of the many reasons that a stay at the Lake Picachos lodge is great.


Magical mornings on Lake Picachos

Plenty of island life


Bass flies rock. So does the Winston Alpha series.

Bucket mouthed mama ready for this Decepticon to be removed by Eduardo

Bill of Missoula knows his knots. Make sure you do as well!

Afternoon view at Picachos

A solid tilapia fooled by a dragonfly dry tied earlier in the day back at the lodge by Bill. Yes, please.

Eduardo with his eyes on El Salto

Picachos panorama into the Sierra Madre

Anglers eat surrounded on three sides by Lake Picachos


 El Salto jungle

Boat bag - check. Essential tying goods - check.


Check your knots early and often around here

Yee haw - Hot topwater action has Mark fired up early in the day

El Diablo showing another way to hold a largemouth