XL Streamer Leader

$ 7.95

Never before has a high quality streamer leader been so easy. Each one is perfectly tied with one of our favorite products, the Micro Swivel separating the tippet and butt section. Say goodbye to blowing through leaders just because of wear & tear and switching flies. Just replace your tippet section!

The XL Streamer Leader is specifically designed to handle big streamers and big fish. The medium-stiff nylon butt section turns over with maximum power to deliver the heaviest and most wind-resistant flies in your box while the 18-inch Fluoroflex Strong tippet section provides maximum clarity, strength, and abrasion resistance.

  • Medium-stiff nylon butt section
  • Integrated Fluoroflex Strong tippet for clarity and strength
  • Integrated Micro Swivel to reduce line twist
  • Hand tied perfection loop for quick rigging