Winston Alpha+ 9' 8 Weight 890

$ 995.00
Type: Fly Rod

Winston Alpha+ 9' 8 Weight 890 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Ocho Perfecto - Our most favorite streamer rod for fresh, salt, warm, or cold water. This is a wonderful stick that is noticeably lighter than the Nina, yet certainly has serious, quick access power in the mid and butt section.

Sinking tips in the 250 grain class are truly effortless, and it can launch 300 grains  well. It is very light, and almost feels like a 6 weight when in use. That being said, it has quickly become my favorite streamer rod for big trout and was the bread winning topwater/popper rod specifically on a recent trip to Lake Picachos, Mexico. For a rod that casts so well short range, it maintains a smooth power curve during longer presentations and has a surprising amount of guts for finishing a hook set and fighting strong fish. The largest trout I have caught in the last couple seasons ate at point blank range where a fundamental strip set was out of the question, and the Alpha+ 8 came through with a solid hook up.

The range on the 8 weight is certainly shorter than what Nina has with a big fly-which is to be expected-but not much. What you lose in long range, you make up for with incredible accuracy and feel. This rod fires quick, can beat strong winds, and delivers the fly with precision. For anglers thinking of a general purpose streamer rod to fish trout, bass, redfish, carp, and similar situations, this would be a no brainer. It has a wonderful delicate side that many cagey, pressured fish seem to demand from the angler in certain situations.


-The 8 weight Alpha+ loves a stout 24’ sink tip 250 grain taper, and in the longer 25-30’ tapers/tips, a 300 is perfect. Expect incredible feel when delivering quick shots through the wind along with solid line carrying capabilities. 

-Everyone has a little different casting stroke and timing, but overall I would suggest keeping this setup light. Meaning a lighter weight reel on the butt end for optimal balance. Think Galvan Torque 7 or 8, or the Bauer RX 4 or 5 depending on application.


-Rio Elite Predator - Floating (MATCH) The FLT/HVR/INT version of this line is an excellent for fishing just under the surface in shallower water situations. The faster tips work well too, especially for more advanced casters experienced with pulling big tapers and sink tips out of the depths.

-Rio DirectCore Jungle for the heat. This taper, which was a mirror to the legendary InTouch Striper, is pure magic. 

-Rio 24’ 250 Sink Tip - The aggressive nature of this design and fast sink rate is a great choice if you are throwing streamers in the wind frequently. The 300 grain is also a great choice for when more depth and power is needed.