Wild Thing Diver Custom

$ 8.95
Type: Fly

Another one of our OG designs, this one dates back almost two decades and just keeps getting better. It is a unique design that makes fishing a diver fun and easy. It has the wildest action since Ricky Vaughn hit the mound, yet cast likes Willie Hayes. The Wild Thing is our most favorite diving bug due to its phenomenol hook gap in a category of bulky flies. 

-Tied on the Ahrex TP650 

-Rainy's Evazote Foam head cut to dive, float, and wiggle

-Fishhunter Marabou featured throughout with bucktail underskirt

-Hareline UV Polar ChenillePolar Reflector or CCT Mirror Wrap

-Nosed off with Hareline Ice Dub UV red and glued up with LocTite Professional Liquid

-Round Rubber Legs for buoyancy, profile, and irresitable movement

-Veevus Powerthread 140D throughout

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