Walter's Weakness Streamer

$ 10.95
Type: Fly

Our biggest, boldest design to date, this heavy weight water pusher hits like Tyson Fury. Fish feel this flies presence and simply come unglued. We do our best to tie these so they push a ton of water and still can be cast accurately, but it is important with bulkier flies to use proper gear. Rods that have power butt sections and smooth mid sections throw this fly with ease such as the Winston Alpha+ series. Faster, stiff to the tip rods tend to cause fatigue with bulkier patterns.

-Ahrex TP610 featured on both sizes

-Size #1/0 tied with 3/16" Dirty Dumbbells & 5/32" DWFC cone within joint

-#4/0 tied with 1/4" Dirty Dumbbells & Nose Cone

-Fishhunter Marabou Tail, Skirt, & Belly with bucktail underskirt

-Hareline UV Polar Chenille, Polar Reflector, or CCT Mirror Wrap body

-EP Predator Brush Head

-Round Rubber Legs

-Veevus Powerthread 240D for dumbbell attachement & 140D for rest of fly

-Finished with Hareline Ice Dub UV Red and sealed with LocTite Professional Liquid

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