Tiemco 8089 Streamer Bass Hooks

$ 15.95
by Umpqua
Type: Hook

The 8089 from Tiemco is one of the finest bass and big trout hooks available, and has been for decades. Incredibly sharp and sticky, use this hook to hook more fish. Big gap, perfect shank length, and crazy sharp.

The TMC8089 is a specialized stinger style hook for tying bass bugs. The combination of the straight eye and wide gape are especially helpful when tying with deer hair, an essential component of many traditional bass patterns, and the fine wire will help keep your patterns floating with ease. This model is also available in a nickel finish (see the TMC8089NP). Sold in packs of 25 or 100 hooks.

-        Bass Bugs

-        Fine Wire

-        Wide Gape

-        Straight eye

-        Forged, Bronze

-        #02-#12