Tiemco 708 Streamer Hooks

$ 19.95
by Umpqua
Type: Hook

The Tiemco 708 is a beautiful streamer hook featuring a 40 degree kink bend and 2x heavy wire. It is perfect for small leeches, minnows, and damsels. Not to mention stonefly nymphs. We love the design of Tiemco hooks and the 708 is a great example.

The distinctive “Dolphin Shank” shape of the 40-degree bent shank on the TMC708 allows anglers to tie a variety of uniquely balanced or keel style streamers and nymphs. Variable gape and shank size are designed into the TMC708 to ensure better hooking no matter what size you prefer. Rounded out with a slightly upturned point to reduce snags, this hook is a good fit for many different streamers or large nymph patterns, but it can also be used for some unique dry flies or terrestrials. Sold in packs of 25 or 100 hooks.

-        Keel Streamers, Nymphs, Dry Flies, & Terrestrials

-        3X Long - 1.5X Long Shank

-        2X Heavy

-        1X – 2.5X Wide Gape

-        “Dolphin Shank”

-        Micro Barb

-        Forged, Bronze

-        #06-#10