Tiemco 2488H Nymph Hooks

$ 12.95
by Umpqua
Type: Hook

Like to catch big fish on tiny little flies? Tie your own and use the Tiemco 2488H.

Wide gap, short shank, super strong wire, and straight eye.

This is the heavy-wire version of the classic TMC2488 hook. Since being introduced to the US market, the TMC2488H has become one of the most sought-after hooks for big-trout anglers. It’s strong enough to hold a big trout even on a size #22, and its classic short, curved shank shape makes it a perfect base for a range of nymphs, midges, and emergers. Sold in packs of 25 or 100 hooks.

-        Nymphs & Dry Flies

-        2X Short

-        2X Heavy

-        3X Wide

-        Curved Shank

-        Straight Eye

-        Bronze

-        #12-#22