Stripper's Delight Baitfish

$ 8.95
Type: Fly

Our most OG design dating back to 2005, there are few flies that are as fun to throw and as versatile as the Stripper's Delight. It is one of the best swimming flies on the market and has proven itself the world over on big fish countless times.

-Featured on the Ahrex TP610 in #1, #1/0, #2/0, and the Gamakatsu SL12s 1x Short NSB in #2/0 & #4/0

-Fish Hunter Marabou tail, belly, and wing with bucktail underskirt

-Rainy's Evazote Foam Head in 1/8" for #1 and 3/16" for the larger sizes

-Hareline UV Polar Chenille, Polar Reflector or CCT Mirror Wrap

-Hareline Ice Dub UV Red throat sealed with LocTite Professional Liquid

-Veevus Power Thread 140D

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