Smoke & Mirrors Streamer 3/16" Dumbbells

$ 8.95

This design is unlike anything else available, and is one of the most versatile flies an angler can have in their box. The broad profile is very easy to cast without blocking hook gap. It has been built on a premium 60 degree jig hook that hooks more fish and swims very clean. It is tied to be very durable and ended up being retired in your fishing rigs roof liner. Unlike traditional streamers, this fly is tied perpendicular to the hook point and has one of the best "hook up" rates in the game.

Ideal to imitate sculpin, crawfish, shrimp, and just about anything a predator fish might want.

This size is dressed with 3/16" Dirty Dumbbells & a 5/32" nose cone. This size is excellent for all depths and can be cast properly with a rod as light as a 6 weight.