Rio Elite Predator Fly Line

$ 99.95
Type: Fly Line

The Rio Predator is our favorite line in the shop because it is the ultimate topwater line. If there is anything better than throwing big flies on the surface for big predators, we do not know of it. How a fly is delivered and how much effort it takes are two variables that make an impact on how many topwater interactions an angler can enjoy. 

The taper is 34' long and heavy at the back for control and power. With plenty of mass towards the rear of the head, the Predator taper rolls cast big flies beautifully in tight spots and makes loading quickly a breeze. The lines smooth taper works well on different action fly rods, and doesn't overload rods with smooth action meanwhile loading faster action sticks easily.

The Rio Elite Predator features a no stretch, hook burying core and SlickCast. Very slick. 

Made In Idaho.