Rio Elite Perception Fly Line

$ 129.95
Type: Fly Line

The Rio Elite Perception does it all in the trout and light line world. It is our favorite taper on the market in this category thanks to the perfect 36' and balanced build. The balance in the taper means that all types of casting techniques flow nicely, especially roll casting. It IS NOT designed just to load super fast rods, but it certainly can. 

The Elite Perception features the no stretch core and Slickcast, making for great response and performance. Since this line true to line weight, and most of its competitors are .5-1 whole line weight heavy, an angler can overline some of the super fast action rods popular with many people today. Remember, some very popular lines on the market are aggressively weighted and are not acutally their marked line size. This is in response to rod makers building a rod that says "6 weight," but actually casts a true 7 weight line better. We will let you be the judge there.

An angler looking for a high performance line for their trout rod can look no further than the Rio Elite Perception. Reach out to us or come by the shop to discuss what might be right for you. Test drives are free!

Made in Idaho.