Lil Weezy Baitfish

$ 7.49
Type: Fly

You have heard of Lil Kim, but have you heard Lil Weezy? Like the artist its named after, it is slight in stature but it swings well above its weight class. This pattern is highly effective, casts like a dream, and has a ton of wiggle. His scrawny profile casts quick and accurately throughout the day making it a versatile choice for many pursuits. Ideal for use with two handed casting techniques.

#4 - 2.75" long with a 1/4" DWFC Nose Cone & Bulge Eyes

#2- 3" long with 3/16" Dirty Dumbbells & 5/32" Nose Cone

#1/0 - 4" long 3/8" Nose Cone and Molded Eyes

-Fish Hunter Marabou tail, body, & wing

-Hareline UV Polar Chenille, Polar Reflector, or CCT Mirror Wrap

-Finished with Hareline Ice Dub UV red and sealed with LocTite Professional Liquid

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