Drunken Master

$ 9.95
Type: Fly

Lee Blanton ties this radical, diving-style baitfish pattern right here in Texas. Lee often ties them in the shop while he is here on the weekends teaching or demonstrating. The Drunken Master has deep roots in the Lynch's Drunk and Disorderly and Craven's Swim Coach. We absolutely do damage to big bass and trout with this fly, and it holds up incredibly well thanks to Lee's techniques of building a better deer hair head.

-It is tied on the Ahrex TP 650 in sizes #1, #1/0, and #2/0.

-The body is made up of our favorite UV Polar Chenilles, Polar Reflector Flash, Spectrum Glimmer Chenille, Enhancer Wrap, Mirror Wrap, or Frenzy Fly Brush

-Deer Belly Hair is used for the head and it is dressed with our Molded Eyes

-Trimmed in Ripple Ice Fiber and Mallard Flank

-The front hook has a brass cone placed centrally for just enough weight to get through surface tension

*For clarification on exact blends of noted materials, reach out to us anytime.