Decepticon Lite Baitfish In Stock

$ 8.49
Type: In Stock Fly

After a single season out with the public, the Decepticon did great work and made the day for many anglers with many species. After a few requests for an unweighted version came about, it was back to the lab. The foam headed version is absolutely incredible and can be fished both topwater and down behind a sink tip. It has an incredibly explosive range of movement and pefect push off water. 

-4" version is tied on the Ahrex TP610  #1 or the A280

 -5" version comes standard on the Ahrex TP610 #1/0 and the Gamakatsu SL12s 1x Short in #4/0 for big game

-6" features the Ahrex TP610 in #2/0 and the Gamakatsu SL12s in #4/0 for mega critters

-7-8" is tied standard on the Ahrex TP610 #4/0 and the Gamakatsu Sl12s #6/0

-Rainy's Evazote foam in 1/8" for the 5", and 3/8" for the 6"

-Double hackle tails on the smaller size with quad hackle tails used for the larger size, both trimmed to shape. On the 8", we use schlappen tails and ostrich fibers to fill out the profile

-Molded Eyes are securely attached using LocTite Proffesional Liquid

-Veevus 140 Powerthread in Red along with UV Red Ice Dub for trim and finish

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