Body Fur

$ 3.95

Body Fur has long histrory in fly tying, and since our great folks at Cascade Crest in Oregon took over production we have been thrilled about the consistency and variations available. We feature Body Fur on both the Wilma's and Walter's Weakness patterns and have used it since 2005. It can also make easy shrimp and crab bodies by trimming to suit. 

Commonly seen in "Gamechanger" style flies, which is how we used it many years ago. Now we rely on it for heads on the same patterns rather than on multiple segments. Years on the water in testing led us to the "less is more" concept, as it creates a fly that flutters better and casts much better than loading multiple shanks with such a dense material. Little did we know that reknowned fly tyer Blaine Chocklett would be using it to start a movement in the big fly world. Since, most tyers use lighter, less dense materials for the back sections but the original Body Fur is still tough to beat for heads.