Bling Bling Baitfish Custom

$ 7.49
Type: Custom Fly

Bling Bling is thing these days, and it all started with Lil Wayne back in the day. So, once we started playing with substituting the classic marabou dressing of the Lil Weezy with Kreinik fibers, it was a no brainer of what to call. This "blinged" out version glitters and for flash lovers out there, is sure to be a staple.

#4 - 2.75" long with a 1/4" DWFC Nose Cone & Molded Eyes

#2- 3" long with 3/16" Dirty Dumbbells & 5/32" Nose Cone

#1/0 - 4" long 3/8" Nose Cone and Molded Eyes

-Fish Hunter Marabou tail, body, & wing

-Hareline UV Polar Chenille, Polar Reflector, or CCT Mirror Wrap

-Finished with Hareline Ice Dub UV red and sealed with LocTite Professional Liquid

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