Big Hitter Baitfish

$ 7.95
Type: Fly

We love the engineering that goes into fly design. The Dalai Llama is a wildy successful fly pattern initially designed for salmon and big trout in Alaska, but has become a staple streamer pattern all over since. It has a number of really cool tricks built into it, however the stinger hook is not ideal for all situations especially when stripping for big fish. We rebuilt it onto one of our favorite platforms, the 60 degree jig hook. Let me tell you, this fly is a force to be reckoned with. It hooks everything.

-60 Degree Jig Hook Platform w/ 3/8" cone

-Magnum and Tiger Barred Magnum Rabbit tail and wing

-Crosscut Rabbit wrapped with Polar Chenille, Polar Reflector, or Enhancer Wrap

-Veevus Power Thread 140 Denier

Use the color scheme guide for reference towards your order and desires!