Bauer RX Fly Reel

$ 525.00
by Bauer
Type: Reel

Blending super tight tolerances into a bulletproof design, Bauer has once again set the standard for a high performance workhorse reel. The classic machining has wonderful droplets cut into the frame and spool, which we really enjoy. They are trusted by anglers who travel the world and simply do not put up with failure or issues. 

Featuring the "no-backlash" clutch and drag systems that get bigger and tougher as you go up through the lineup. On our favorite aspects of the RX is the wide variety of sizes available to truly dial in your setups to EXACTLY what you need by offering a size specifically set for applications and what YOU like to fish. Many brands offer reels with a "+" or a "/" in their sizes. Not here, no Sir-e Bob. Don't settle for that marketing BS and get the right size reel for what YOU are going to do on the water.

Also avaiable in charcoal or black, we stock the anodized green spools in stock because they are gorgeous and compliment our favorite Winstons perfectly.

Made in USA.