Ahrex TP610 Trout Predator

$ 8.95
Type: Hooks/Spines
Size & Quantity

For us here at Dirty Water, hooks mean a lot. Both for fly tying and for our custom fly manufacturing. The Ahrex TP610 changed our perspective on what a straight shank hook could do in freshwater environments. It has incredible wire strength and a beautiful point length that has proven itself over and over with big bass and trout. The point is more parallel to the short shank and sticks fish clean and proper with the perfect gap. Thanks to the super tough wire and long point, this is the most durable/sharpenable hook on the market. 

Used in nearly all of our non jig patterns including the Stripper's Delight, Wilma's & Walter's Weakness, Stripper's Glitter, Pop Star, Decepticon, and Gil-Bert.

Black nickle finish. Chemically sharpened. Small barb.