Absolute Right-Angle Leader

$ 16.95

Deadly bobber rig, includes 3/4" Thingambobber.


Designed for dead-drift nymphing, the Absolute Right Angler Leader comes in 9’ 3x-4x, 9’ 4x-5x, and 11’ 2x versions covering both trout and steelhead uses.  They come pre-rigged with a butt section attached to a perpendicular dropper.  An indicator is included along with a tippet ring on the dropper.  The angler attaches the working tippet and flies to the dropper by the ring.

  • Perpendicular dropper section ensures quick, efficient sinking of flies and accurate strike detection
  • Pre-rigged leader perfect for most trout indicator nymphing situations
  • Includes butt section, indicator, and dropper section.  Angler attaches terminal tippet and flies to supplied tippet ring
  • Hand-tied in the USA