Super Ant

Super Ant
This little whipper snapper is at home with picky trout as well as bream. Tied in sizes #10-18, you can easily tweak it to a bunch of colors. It floats really well and holds up nicely. 
Hook - Dry Fly hook #10-18
Thread - 6/0 and smaller
Underbody - Ice Dub
Back - 2mm Foam
Legs - Life Flex Legs
Wing - EP Fibers
Step 1 - Attach thread and form a threabase along your hook shank. Tie down your foam strip at the middle of you shank and wrap back to the start of the bend of the hook.
Step 2 - Make smooth dubbing rope and form the back of the ant body.
Step 3 - Fold your foam strip forward and tie down a section smooth and attach your first set of legs on the tiers side of the fly.
Step 4 - Attach your second set on the far side so they are relatively even.
Step 5 - Pinch your wing between you thumb and pointer finger and slide them back on the hook into position simultaneously holding your legs back and out of the way. 
Step 6 - Tie down your wing ahead of where you tied in your legs, carefully.
Step 7 - With wings attached move your thread ahead of the foam strip.
Step 8 - Form the front of your ant body with a clean dubbing rope and keep your thread eye clean and clear.
Step 9 - Tie down your foam strip with clean wraps right on top of each other quickly followed by anchor wraps underneath the foam.
Step 10 - Execute a whip finish in front of the foam, glue, and cut your thread.
Step 11 - Apply floatant and get it wet!!!