Pond Hopper's Special Step by Step Tutorial

This little guy is a simple tie that floats well and is perfect for all types of bream and the occasional bass. Do not rule it out for trout, too. 
Hook : Standard dry fly hook, or short shank nymph hook
Thread : 6/0 or smaller
Legs : Round rubber
Body : Ice Dub, color to suit
Back : 2MM craft foam
Bottom View^
Step One - Attach thread and make a small dubbing ball at the bend of the hook
Step 2 - Tie in foam wing, followed by one rubber leg on each side
Step 3 - Cover the shank with thread by starting at the back just so the legs angle backwards and work towards the head. Once you get to the hook eye, make a bulbous head and go back a hook eye width to prepare to attach your foam wing.
Step 4 - Lash down your foam wing with 4 tight wraps followed by 4 "anchor" wraps underneath the foam.
Step 5 - Attach one rubber leg to each side, followed by a little Ice Dub collar. Tie off underneath the foam.