Orion Coolers 35L Super Cooler Review

Dropping serious coin on a cooler has become the norm, if not a trend.  Coolers nowadays are better, and often integrate into the boat for many anglers.  At least a dozen brands out there have some offering of "premium cooler," and they all work very well at being a cooler.  Orion Coolers are no different, plus they are made in Tennessee by Jackson Kayak.  Lots of cool color ways, and bottle openers and the intergrated foam top are included not extra.  The size is the actual capacity, not the size of cooler like many others.  We have relied on our 35L extensively for over a year and there are a two major upsides I have noticed performance wise when using the cooler.  

-Almost no line snagging thanks to the cam latches.  Its amazing.

-Very stable and more useful as a seat/platform/ottoman.

Honestly, if you are going to buy a super cooler, get an Orion and you will be pleased through and through.