Fly Fishing Alaska

Take the opportunity to fish and enjoy Alaska with Chromechasers and you will have a new appreciation for fisheries and the great people involved. Whether you have fished with Rick in Alaska or Montana, you know he is a world class guide and also a great person to share time with on the water. Rick and his lovely wife Dori operate one of the finest and most authentic experiences in fishing. They operate out of their lodge in Wrangell, Alaska during the spring and falls months. The spring steelhead fishing is one of the last steelhead fisheries that is intact in a reasonably healthy manor, and these are special fish (See below). Combine that with incredible cuisine prepared and caught fresh out of the ocean by Rick and Dori, and you have a trip you will never forget or regret. The steelhead fishing is in demanding territory, and it is recommended to be prepared to have your fitness tested at times climbing around terrain that both beautiful and rugged.