Friday Fishing Recap and Outlook - 10/28/2016 - Football season.

Friday Fishing Recap and Outlook - 10/28/2016 - Football season.

Friday Fishing Recap and Outlook - 10/28/2016 - Football season.

As the maiden entry to the "Dirty Water Flow" blog, the territory is a bit unfamiliar however the content is excellent.  Fishing reports and fly tying stuff today.  Fall came to Montana in mid-September, and for the most part it has been excellent conditions for local and traveling anglers.  We have seen the camo-dawning crowd move to the fields, hills, and swamps, leaving the big rivers wide open. Plus, keeping the bobber off is easy this time of the year with the streamer bite offering shots at large trout and the blue wing olives hatching to keep your eyes squinting for noses and tiny dries.  Earlier this week, the Missouri provided fantastic streamer annihilation along with big trout sipping dries through out the day.  Fly of the trip - Smoke N Mirrors - #4 JJ Special.  See below.  

 Smoke N Mirrors JJ strikes hard on shallow water bronsons!

The north rockies are a great spot to fish this time of the year, and I would suggest the big rivers and even lakes as a place to start.  Conditions dependent of course, as the fall wind can be brutal.  Think light spey rods when it is blowing.  Haven't done it? Then this would be the time.  In Wyoming, the North Platte drainage is legendary for its fall fishing, giant orange browns, and equally colorful weather. Anglers down in Idaho have a myriad of options, and many folks have the South Fork of the Snake on their mind if they aren't lost in thought about steelhead. Montana rivers rebounded from a straining, warm summer with above average river conditions currently found on the Madison, Missouri, Big Hole, and Yellowstone Rivers.  Check out our dealers page to find a local source of info for a fall trip.

Dirty Dumb Bells

Above, you can see the eyes that your streamers deserve.  Dirty Dumbbell eyes are anodized brass eyes that offer an irresistible look to eye of the fish and angler alike. Durability is fantastic, and they keep looking great all day long.  In combination with the matching cones, there is a wide variety of different weight schemes that can be conjured to fit a specific bill.  They can be purchased on the site as singles, in 6/12/&24 packs, and in bulk.  In stock, ready to ship.  Best in the business.  

Wrapping up the inaugural post with a few more words of advice for fall fishing.  Do no under estimate stealth when regarding your leaders and presentation this time of the year, these trout have seen it all and it especially important to go undetected as they have heightened senses.  And not just for dry flies.  For instance, try adding a couple feet of 8-10lb maxima to your standard 12-15lb streamer leader.  The fly will land smoother and prevent line spooking your next trophy.  This is NOT high water, make an entrance, and hold on fishing.  It IS however the kind of fishing that can result in the fish of your life with a little timing and attention to detail on presentation.  Lastly, give the spawning fish a break by keeping out of the smaller waters where they are momentarily trapped and also off of the shallow shoals where they do their thing.  Put in a bit more time and find a big brown that wont lose its ability to make sweet love and grow its family tree.  Just because it can be done, doesn't mean it should.  The rainbows are genuinely angry this time of the year too, and will earn respect as streamer eaters in between the jumbo browns.

Firm strips and hard strikes,

-Dirty Water Dan


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