Gamakatsu SL12S 1x Short Nickel Silver Black

$ 7.95
Type: Hook
Size & Quantity

Our love of this hook is evident in our fly selection, as it is our preferred hook for nearly all big game or high demand endeavours. A few seasons back, Blake Jackson at Ugly Bug Outfitters in Wyoming noted that dorado guides in South American were not thrilled about tin plated hooks, and has recently come into favor of a new offering from Gamakatsu. The original SL12s is possibly the #1 tarpon/big game hook in fly tying, and they swapped the tin plating and shorten the shank a bit for this model. 

We have since fallen in love with even in its smaller sizes. They are capable of big things. This is one of more primo hooks available and you cannot go wrong tying on the SL12s 1x Short.

Quantities vary by size.