$ 10.95
Type: Fly

When we are little whipper snappers, the innocence and the cooperative nature of bream and sunfish make them a great way to get youngsters into fishing. This very same innocence makes them a prime target for any big predator fish in the vicinity.

Gil-Bert brings the perfect amount of water pushing with an anatomically suggestive profile. The "dinner plate" vertical height along with the small, fluttering tail is a combination we are proud to put out to fly anglers. Like all Dirty Water designs, this one casts quite well and has been engineered to fish as hard as you do. Now featured in a few more fun colors!

-Tied on the Ahrex TP610 #4/0 and the TP610 in #1/0. Unweighted.

-Rainy's Evazote Foam Head, 3/16" with Molded Eyes

-Tail spaced 5-8 beads back and tied anatomically to your favorite panfish

-Robust bucktail underskirt and under wing up front

-Fishhunter Marabou Spun for body and stacked for wing

-Hareline UV Polar Chenille, Polar Reflector, or CCT Mirror Wrap

-Hareline UV Ice Dub UV Red throat and glued up with LocTite Professional Liquid

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