Bandit Baitfish

$ 5.95
Type: Fly

While not articulated, this little whipper snapper has a lot of movement and is great for trout to tarpon and everything in between. Excels at both topwater and following a sink tip. We have shifted to tying them without eyes on the smaller ones, but let us know if you woud like them on there. These small ones swim better without eyes glued on.

-Featured on the Ahrex TP610 (2.5" #2, 3" #1, 4"#1/0)

-Big game tied on the Gamakatsu SL12s 1x Short (3" #2/0", 4" #4/0)

-Fish Hunter Marabou under tail, wing, and belly with a buschel of ostrich fibers for the main body and tail

-Rainy's Evazote Foam Head (1/8" on 2.5", 3/16" on 3" & 4") with Molded eyes and freehand Sharpie work

-Hareline UV Polar Chenille or Polar Reflector Flash, or CCT Mirror Wrap

-UV Ice Dub Throat sealed with LocTite Professional Liquid

-Veevus Powerthread 140

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