Tiemco 3761SP-BL Nymph Hooks

by Umpqua
Type: Hook

The ultimate classic nymph hook, the 3761SP-BL features a perfect shank length and gap. Plus, Super Point on a barbless platform.

This is the same design as the TMC3761 but with Tiemco’s Super Point (SP), which features a hollowed curve point and triangulated edges that sharpen easily. The gradually tapered point also lowers the resistance of hook penetration, resulting in accelerated hook sets and better holding ability. A great hook for an assortment of nymph and wet fly patterns. Sold in packs of 25 hooks.

-        Wet Flies & Nymphs

-        SPS-BL Point (Tiemco Barbless SP with a Straight Point)

-        1X Long

-        2X Heavy

-        Sproat Bend

-        Down Eye

-        Bronze

-        #10-#16