Marabou Clouser Step by Step

Marabou Clouser Minnow
This bite sized morsel is tough to beat and an absolute weapon anywhere minnows are on the menu. 
Materials & Components
Hook - 60 Degree Jig Hook, either Umpqua XS506H or MFC 
Tail & Wing - Marabou
Step 1 - Start with a thread base and leave thread hanging halfway between the hook point and the eye of the hook.
Step 2 - Start to secure your bead chain eyes with 5 cross wraps in the same direction leaving them slightly askew.
Step 3 - Make tight cross wraps in the opposite direction until your eyes are centered. Next, make six "helicopter" wraps underneath the eyes without going under the hook shank followed by a few anchor wraps on the hook shank.
Step 4 - Tie the tip section of your marabou feather just in front of your bead chain eyes.
Step 5 - Wrap back on the hook point side to get behind the bead chain eyes, then secure the marabou feather with a couple wraps before moving the thread back on the hook point side to in front of the bead chains.
Step 6 - Flip the fly upside down in the vise. Using the remaining fibers from your feather, tie in a clump similar in length to your belly clump on the top the shank.
Step 7 - Build a smooth thread head covering any loose materials.
Step 8 - Perform two half hitches or a whip finish so the knots secure up close to the bead chain eyes and apply a drop of glue to the thread head.
Step 9 - Using a bodkin, spread glue around your thread head and cut thread.
Step 10 - Add graphics.