Furry Captain Tying Tutorial

The Furry Captain
This buggy little number is a larger, furrier version of our most popular bluegill fly, the Captain. Deadly on all fish especially those that eat small shrimp or damsel/dragonfly nymphs.
This is a nice, basic recipe full with just the right amount of materials.
Hook - #6-10 Straight shank nymph, preferably down eye
Thread - #12/0 Nanosilk keeps things tidy
Head - 5/32" cone
Tail - Round Rubber Legs
Underbody - Ice Dub UV Red 
Body - Palmered Hackle 
Rib - .02 Fly Tying Wire
Collar - Ice Dub UV Red
Step 1 - Start with a basic thread base and wrap back to bend of the hook
Step 2 - Start by attached one rubber leg on each side of the hook so they go about 1/3rd up the shank. Tie in your rib wire on the top of the shank.
Step 3 - Tie in your hackle by the tip and wrap forward to where the ends of the rubber legs stop.
Step 4 - From there, make a tidy dubbing rope and wrap forward to just behind the cone.
Step 5 - Prepare to wrap your hackle forward by holding it upward and getting the fibers "upright" and ready to be pulled back as you wrap (palmering).
Wrap 6 - Palmer forward, doing your best to keep the fibers angled back towards the vise as you wrap using your finger tips. Tie off behind cone.
Step 7 - Using you wire rib, wrap forward in the opposite direction you did for your hackle. Try to keep from binding fibers by wiggling the wire as you go forward. Some binding is normal with this technique. Do not call a doctor unless it is a complete disaster. Tie wire off on the top of the hook, if possible.
Step 8 - After securing wire and hackle, add a clean ice dub collar. Tie off and glue Ice Dub into submission.