Winston Air Salt 9' 7 Weight 790

$ 1,025.00
Type: Fly Rod

When it comes to delivering clean loops at high speeds accurately, the Air Salt series is well equipped and easy to operate. This seven weight has found a home on the coast from Texas to Carolina for this reason, and is a beautfiful bonefish rod. It has "that-whoa" feel in hand, and is light and powerful. Comments across the board agree that the short range accuracy and efficiency is magic in addition to the long range. Don't be scared to get a little seaspray on that green stick, its built for it.

In bass world, these are some the finest topwater rods you will ever throw. The 7 weight is the perfect popper/gurgler rod. We absolutely love them for use with floating lines because they are incredibly accurate and low fatigue. 

The Air Salt has a wonderfully subtle satin finish throughout the blank with deep gloss over thread wraps. Featuring a charcoal hard anodized aluminum reel seat, the Air Salt is finished with Winston detail and workhorse craftsmanship.

Notes - We prefer these rods for floating line applications where pickup is quick. They work with just about any taper out there and are awesome rods for sight fishing to any species. Darts. Bullseye. They are always a favorite on our Mexican bass trips as topwater sticks.

Lines - Saltwater - Rio Elite Flats Pro matches like flip flops and a flats skiff. These tapers allow the caster to seemingly push the envelope when throwing for distance and accuracy with typical flats flies. 

Big Streamer Heat - There are a number of really good line choices for throwing big flies with the Air Salt, our favorite being the Rio Jungle during hot weather pursuits. It has a fluid taper that throws big flies easily and accurately. Available in a few sinking options, stick to the floater and the intermediate tip with this rod design.

Big Streamer All Purpose - The Elite Predator from Rio is our favorite streamer taper and throws effortlessly on the Air Salt. Stick with the floating here and your topwater setup is locked in.