Stripper's Delight - Buffed Chrome

$ 6.95

Buffed Chrome has proven itself across a ton of species and fisheries, and is a top producer in warm, cold, and saltwater fisheries. It is a beautiful blend of pearl, gray, and chartreuse.
Stripper's Delight - Unweighted, upper water column specialty

Sizes - #2-#1- 6 WT+, #2/0 - 7WT+

Hook - #2 & #2/0 features the Gamakatsu B10S

Hook Upgrades - Ahrex TP610 #1, #2/0

Weighting - No additional weight.

Profile Style - Anatomical length nose to tail & width pectoral to pectoral. Swims balanced due to the rubber legs and maintains the hook point down during the retrieve.

Action - The Delight offers incredible side to side action that walks the surface on a floating line, and does wonders behind a sink tip.

The Stripper's Delight is our most fun fly to fish, and is a weapon for warm, salt, and trout.