DWFCo Walter's Weakness

$ 8.49

Twelve seasons have gone into the design of the Weakness' series, and Walter's Weakness is truly a fly you must fish. No part of the the water column is safe from this fly depending on your line & leader choice. The robust front half pushes water aggressively with a hard face, and a pair of Dirty Dumbbells are integrated within the head to get you down into Walter's lair. Rubber legs expand the profile and attract predators near and far all while keeping the fly swimming true, like a swim bladder As with all DWFCo patterns, these are extremely durable and will fight to the death.  Just be ready and hold on!

Tied on the Gamakatsu B10S. Hook substitutions are welcomed for heavy duty applications. We keep most popular or commonly used big game hooks on hand.  Be sure to check out Wilma's Weakness here.