$ 7.95

Deceivers. Clousers. Blondes. Nearly all of our articulated flies.

Oh, boy. The ass of a deer lives on well after the bullet, arrow, or vehicle. No streamer tyer worth their salt hasnt tied extensively with bucktail. It is used in the smallest of streamers and the main component of the largest streamers.

Bucktail has long length and high buoyancy make big flies move in the water a feather on a warpath. The buoyancy can also be used to balance a fly by tying it in as a wing and using the weight of the hook to team up for a great swim action. 

Availability is hit or miss, and we oftern prefer the Select Medium Bucktail for our tying. Musky and Pike tyers often look for much longer hair and we recommend reaching out to custom shops like Musky Fool and others for super mega bucktail.