Jewel Thief Jig Minnow 3 Pack

$ 11.95

This simple blend of function and durability is one of our most trusted flies and also one of our most basic designs. We have integrated a few new tricks to this old dog design making it stickier, less foul/snag prone, and quite bit tougher in more harsh environments than standard minnows.

60 Degree Jig platform; VMC 7161 in #4 & #6, Mustad Super Point #1/0

Kreinik Fibers for body; Hareline Ice Dub underbody

Veevus Powerthread 240D, 140D for completion

Dirty Dumbbells & Bead Chains (5/32" BC on #6, 3/16" DD on #4 & #1/0)

DWFC Brass Cone Noses (5/32" on #6 & #4, 1/4" on #1/0)