Galvan Brookie LTD Desert Fly Reel

$ 275.00
by Galvan
Type: Reel

Limited Edition Desert Color way - only 5 allowed per dealer and we chose to have the 0-1 Brookie for one of ours. This is a one of the most beautiful little works of art engineering that you can imagine. It is roughly the size of a large key fob!

These reels are absolutely wonderful for the lighter side of life. With a simple drag systems that is very reliable, smooth, and slightly adjustable, the Brookie series is the perfect addition for lighter setups for trout and bream. The machining is absolutely gorgeous on the Brookie, so do not be surprised when you flat out fall in love with this reel.

As with all Galvans, these are made in the USA at a wonderful price. The machining is clean and beautiful and we are proud to offer their products.

There is such a variety of reasons to fish a Galvan fly reel, that it is tough to list them all. From the family run American manufacturing, reliability, innovative designs, to fair price points, they have been a favorite of ours since handling/using/selling them back in the early 2000's. Read below for more.