Featherback Thief Minnow 3 Pack

$ 11.95

Seasons upon seasons of R&D on the many of the worlds finest and also most pressured trout streams has cut our entire fly selection out from the river to the vise, not the other way around. The flies are tied for and shipped out to famous, infamous, and unknown anglers. The feedback pinpoints the details that need additional refinement. Occasionally, we end up with a version that is just different and separates itself by outperforming others in challenging conditions. The Featherback is exactly that. Tied slightly more narrow with a clean marabou back/tail over the flashy belly and a red thread underbody. It is slightly stealthier and lighter than a standard tied Jewel Thief.

It is so darned effective that we have separated it from the regular Jewel Thief line.  The Featherback is an excellent fly for the spey rod, and is also a clean minnow for saltwater and warmwater experiences.