DWFCo Dirty Dumbbell Variety Packs

$ 6.95

All variety packs all INCLUDE 2 complimentary cone heads in the corresponding size.

Why not just get a mix of colors to enhance your streamers?

3/16" Classic Baitfish 10 Eye Pack - Includes two each of Silver w/ Blue Iris, Silver w/ Chartreuse Iris, Olive w/ Yellow Iris, Pink w/ Chartreuse Iris, and Blue w/ Red Iris

3/16" Dark & Mottled 10 Eye Pack - Includes two of the Black w/ Yellow Iris, Yellow w/ Purple Iris, Orange w/ Yellow Iris, Purple w/ Chartreuse Iris, and Red w/ Orange Iris

1/4" Sampler Platter 6 Pack - Includes Olive w/ Yellow Iris, Red w/ Orange Iris, Blue w/ Chartreuse Iris, Purple w/ Black Iris, Yellow w/ Red Iris, and Hot Painted Orange w/ White Iris.