Decepticon Lite Baitfish Custom

$ 8.49
Type: Custom Fly

After a single season out with the public, the Decepticon did great work and made the day for many anglers with many species. After a few requests for an unweighted version came about, it was back to the lab. The foam headed version is absolutely incredible and can be fished both topwater and down behind a sink tip. It has an incredibly explosive range of movement and pefect push off water. 

-4" version is tied on the Ahrex TP610  #1 or the A280

 -5" version comes standard on the Ahrex TP610 #1/0 and the Gamakatsu SL12s 1x Short in #4/0 for big game

-6" features the Ahrex TP610 in #2/0 and the Gamakatsu SL12s in #4/0 for mega critters

-7-8" is tied standard on the Ahrex TP610 #6/0 and the Gamakatsu Sl12s #6/0

-Rainy's Evazote foam in 1/8" for the 5", and 3/8" for the 6"

-Double hackle tails on the smaller size with quad hackle tails used for the larger size, both trimmed to shape

-Bulge Eyes are securely attached using LocTite Proffesional Liquid

-Veevus 140 Powerthread in Red along with UV Red Ice Dub for trim and finish

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