Men's Brackish Salmonid Hoody

$ 69.95
Type: Apparel

We are thrilled to be able offer yet again more kick-butt, USA made products. The Brackish hoody from Blackstrap is built to keep you comfortable in the heat, and is also  perfect underneath another shirt. It pairs nicely with their Daily Tube sunmask, which is also made in the USA.

-Longer sleeves allow full protection for the top of your hands when using the thumbholes. 

-The Brackish hoody is cut tight, and run a size smaller than typical sun hoodies. 

-They are designed to fit more snug, and be comfortable in truly hot conditions. The hood is scuba style and we have found that it works to have your sunmask over the hood. It is a great feature that makes adjustment easy and faster than the typical system where you might have your mask within the hood.

-UPF 50+. Machine wash delicate for longest life.