DWFCo Smoke & Mirrors

$ 7.49

Truly a master of illusion, this fly creates a massive silhouette while maintaining incredible castablilty. The weight forward head design penetrates the water column quickly and pierces through strong winds without issue. Don't let the weight fool you, this fly has been engineered properly onto a 60 degree jig hook which allows the angler to fish both deep and shallow with minimal adjustment. The Smoke & Mirrors design goes anywhere on the planet, imitates just about anything, and catches just about everything. The versatility is on display below showcasing the Purple & Copper color way, aka the Clemson Tiger. What maybe your go-to sculpin pattern can also be your go-to shrimp or your go-to crawdad. Pretty awesome. 

For you swingers, look no further for a big crawdad/sculpin that you can cast far and true. One hand or two!